We're Open! Cultivated Launches Its First Studio in Melbourne.

We're Open! After more than 10 years of product stewardship for the furniture industry, Cultivated now has a place to call home, opening its first studio and warehouse in the Melbourne suburb of Thornbury.     

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Pictured: Workshop view from the Cultivated Studio.

After 6 months of planning, Cultivated opened it's first studio in Thornbury this January. Just 20 minutes north of the Melbourne CBD, and on the banks of the Merri Creek, the studio is a place for people to learn about Cultivated's services, browse product ready to be refurbished and see first hand restoration taking place.

The studio itself includes many restored items, each with their own unique story, and with the quality of what we do on full display. Our Fredericia Ox chair was salvaged from a lobby construction site in Brisbane, our Walter Knoll 369 chairs came from a car park in Western Sydney. Scuffed, broken and left forgotten, Cultivated's skilled craftspeople have carefully restored each item, showing the potential in achieving more circular solutions for the furniture industry.


Pictured: Refurbished authentic furniture and lighting products on
display in the Cultivated studio.

The studio is also the location of the growing Cultivated team. Our team has the skills and knowledge to work on your next restoration project whether it's a single chair in your home or a whole floor of furniture in your office. On hand are a selection of finishes, including designer fabrics from our textile partner, Kvadrat Maharam, all here to assist in restoring your products back to their former selves.

Incorporating both a studio and warehousing facilities, clients will be able to see the full array of Cultivated products on display. Our products are kept in the condition which we take them back in with restoration only taking place once our clients have selected their new finishes. It's good to note that Cultivated will always honor the original designers intent and finishes will be offered in according to the original design to maintain the authenticity of each item.


Pictured: Cultivated stock ready to be refurbished.                                             Pictured: Eames LCW under restoration at the Cultivated workshop.

Cultivated shares its space with well know Melbourne furniture manufacturer, Mark Tuckey. With over 100 years of combined timber working experience, the team at Mark Tuckey work with Cultivated on restoration and refinishing across a wide variety of furniture items. Most recently the teams worked to restore nine Eames LCW chairs. Hailed by Time Magazine as 'the chair' of the 20th Century, these chairs were originally manufactured in 2007 and our goal was to give them another 17 years of life on their next project.


The Cultivated studio and warehouse is open Monday-Saturday by appointment. To book an appointment, please email at info@cultivated.com.au or call us on
0417 758 669.

Pictured: Restored Eames LCW by Cultivated.                                                             

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