The Digital Product Passport: Get the full story on every Cultivated product

Since 2013, Cultivated has been at the forefront of product stewardship and sustainability in the furniture industry. Early in 2024, we will continue this approach with the introduction of the Empower Digital Product Passport.  


The digital product passport is the next evolution in supply chain transparency and product lifecycle assessment. Partnering with the exclusive Australian distributer of the technology, Circular Design Thinking, we are empowering consumers to make informed decisions by opening the doors to all of our processes and product management. 

"In today's world, product transparency and tracking are crucial for achieving true Circularity. The Digital Product Passport and Empower software empower businesses and consumers alike to make informed decisions, fostering a sustainable future where products are traced, optimised, and embraced throughout their lifecycle."

Empower Eco Software CEO, Wilhelm Myrer


The Digital Product Passport

Cultivated customers will have a wealth of product knowledge at their fingertips. Ownership history, certifications and care and maintenance manuals are all documented and freely available to view. The passport will allow you to authenticate your products, or products you are looking to purchase, and know if and what restoration has ever taken place. Most importantly, Cultivated is detailed in the passport to provide end of life solutions, ensuring it will never end up in landfill.

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Digital Product Passport pilot project: Swan Chair Refurbishment

To pilot the project, Cultivated and Circular Design Thinking used the passport to track the refurbishment of an authentic Fritz Hansen Swan chair, which was purchased from a residential client by Cultivated in 2021. The chair was refurbished in Sydney before heading to Melbourne for the Decor+Design Trade show in July, 2023. This journey is documented in the passport and includes a map function to see the real world distance. The Certificates for the new GECA certified foam and EU certificated fabric are freely available to view in the passport as well.

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The Digital Product Passport shows the materials retained and waste created during restoration.

Waste created during the refurbishment process is calculated and documented. In our pilot project, a percentage of the foam waste created was sent to landfill, whilst the textile waste was sent to TRAKS Textile Recycling, who processes waste textiles offshore in India. The ability to quantify waste also means that Cultivated can regularly report to clients on the positive impact each of them is having by choosing to renew and restore rather than buy new.

As a product ages, moves around and evolves over time, Cultivated can continue to add to the history of the product by updating the passport. This will offer incredible insights to the lifecycle of all Cultivated products. An extra added benefit is the Digital Product passport will offer digital asset tracking for businesses, removing the need for various stock inventory processes, and a future plug in will allow for immediate transport emissions reporting in order to offset these on every Cultivated project.


Refurbished Fritz Hansen Swan Chair

The Digital Product Passport for each item will be accessible simply by scanning a QR code or holding your phone over and RFID chip. This will bring up the unique passport URL which will have all of the information you need. Cultivated will be launching the Digital Product Passport from February 2024, with the wider Corporate Culture group of brands to implement the technology in the near future.

For more information on the Digital Product passport, please contact Cultivated representative, Joshua Ellis on 0417 758 669, or Circular Design Thinking on 0405 146 450.

To view our pilot passport, scan the QR code below. Please note as this is a pilot passport, it may differ to the Cultivated Digital Product passport coming in February, 2024.

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